Why get Insurance?

Maybe it got lost at the beach, or was knocked down the drain. Perhaps you misplaced it while on vacation, your dog ate it, or it was stolen. The bad news is, accidents happen and you can’t find your jewelry. The good news is that you wisely invested in jewelry insurance through Lavalier to cover the loss or damage of your precious jewelry.

Tips on Insurance Claims

In most cases, you will need to provide information on where, when, and how the loss, theft, or damage occurred, and, if applicable, the names and addresses of witnesses and other people involved. If your jewelry has been stolen or vandalized, you should notify the authorities immediately, file a police report and alert any other relevant individuals (hotel manager, travel agent, etc.).

You will generally need to provide a written statement about the situation within 90 days of the loss, theft, or damage. This should include the date, time, place, and details of the incident, any other insurance or service plans that may cover the jewelry, any liens or encumbrances on the item, any changes in the jewelry ownership during the policy period, and a summary of the lost or damaged jewelry. This summary should include a description as well as any receipts and appraisals related to the item that you haven’t previously provided to us.

When you call to discuss your claim, a claims manager will guide you through all of these details. Jewelry is precious both financially and emotionally, and we know how stressful it is when something happens to it. In the unfortunate instance that you do need to file a claim, we will be with you every step of the way to make the process as simple and painless as possible.

How to File an Insurance Claim

The first step is to contact us as soon as possible. Just like your jewelry, every jewelry insurance claim is unique, so an expert claims manager will work with you on your individual situation. Be prepared to discuss the circumstances surrounding your lost, stolen, or damaged item, as this may affect what you will need to do next. For example, while it may be tempting to get a damaged item repaired immediately, you should wait until your claims manager has had a chance to work with you to understand the repairs needed.

Can all of your rings be resized?

Yes, unless stated in the ring’s description.

Do you perform jewelry repairs or sizing on items that were not bought through DA?

Nope, we only work on our own items.

Can you remake anything from your sold collection?

Not all rings in our sold gallery can be remade. Please ask and we’ll let you know.

How often do you get new jewelry?

We are always on the hunt for new treasures! Currently, we are adding our new finds to our online shop once a month. To find out when we add new rings, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Instagram, or check out our blog!

Can you make a custom ring?

We are not currently offering bespoke ring services. However, we are happy to recreate rings from our sold gallery. Please contact us directly with any inquires about recreations.

How can you tell how old your jewelry is?

We use our vast knowledge to date each piece based on the ring’s materials, construction techniques, hallmarks, signatures, and cultural context. Some people may even refer to our ability to identify the age of our jewelry as diamond whispering! After decades of experience, vintage and antique pieces just speak to us, and by using our knowledge, experience and network of resources, we can usually identify the age of each item. While we cannot guarantee the exact age of each piece, we can determine to the best of our ability when it was likely manufactured and during which era it was designed.