For more than 20 years, David Alexander has been the go-to jeweler for Tampa-area patrons seeking custom pieces at competitive prices.  Owner, David Alexander Nguyen, is known not only for his jewelry expertise but also for building trust and long-term relationships with customers. David’s personal consultations leave clients feeling confident that he understands their dreams and can quickly turn them into a reality.

In 2017, David Alexander moved away from a retail store to a private showroom to give clients the one-on-one attention that custom jewelry design warrants. Our team is committed to high-quality workmanship and incorporating client wishes down to the last detail. All of our custom rings are made in the United States and our diamonds are conflict free. We also buy gold and will make offers on jewelry to apply towards a purchase or give cash for it.

David Alexander places importance on giving back to the community that supports us and for many years, has donated jewelry to local charities and events, including designing custom jewelry unique to the particular charity. Don’t hesitate to contact us if there is an opportunity to partner in support of your cause.

We have been blessed with amazing clients who love the jewelry we’ve created and have shared their positive experiences with family and friends. David Alexander is proud of this word-of-mouth advertising and these are the relationships we strive for. Please stop by our showroom and see why others have chosen us to be their jeweler for decades.